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In cases of credit issues or emergency maintenance occurs, items will be received immediately after the issue has been resolved. When charging points without an S-court Point prepaid card, there is a limit on the amount of times you can charge. Maximum points that can be loaded. Purchases without using an S-court Point prepaid card Please refer to the Charge S-court Points page for details. Please contact the seller for details. Disclaimer S-court is not responsible for the suspension of services or products due to server or network trouble. How to check remaining points It can be checked on S-court website. Valid until The expiration date of S-court points is 6 months from the day the points have been purchased. Delivery of goods Items are expected to be received immediately after purchase. You will not be able to return products or money, nor reissue. E-mail address for inquiries Replies will only be answered by email. Reselling and exchanging money are prohibited. Precautions The points can be used only in Japan. If the same date do not exist 6 or 12 months from the purchased date, it will get rounded up. However, for the products below, the expiration date is 12 months from the day the points have been purchased. Terms of Service It is written on Terms of Service page. The points may not be used temporarily because of system failure. Replies will only be answered by email. Other ways to purchase the points are written on the charge page. The expiration date is counted from the day after the points get paid. You need a computer corresponding to Japanese and internet connection to use the points. Sales volume Each S-court Point prepaid card has a limited sales amount. Credit Card Payment is made following your credit card company's payment date. Any S-court points that are closer to the expiration date get spent. You can charge up to 50,000 S-court Points. Additional fees Sales tax Sales tax is included in the display price. If you use S-court point card, points will be printed on your S-court point card. Areas of service Purchased S-court points can be used on S-court website or related websites, when you play online game or download and purchase products. Selling price Purchases using an S-court Point prepaid card Please read instructions on card. Internet connection fee Users are responsible for line and service provider fees.。 。 。 。 。 。 。
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